School of Psychology & Counseling

Residency -
Online M.A. Program in Human Services Counseling

2016 Residency Dates - held online only
Monday, May 2 – Thursday, May 5, 2016

The Master's Program in Human Services Counseling (HSC) includes a required residency at the end of the program. This residency is held the week immediately preceding graduation, making it more convenient for distance students to attend both significant events. This required residency can be fulfilled either by joining us on-campus in Virginia Beach or by logging in and participating online.

Unlike the other residency experiences for our online programs which typically precede the beginning of a new year, most HSC students will pursue their residency at the end of their program. For this reason, it is much more like a capstone experience than an orientation. Residency offers an incredible opportunity for cohort members to meet, in many cases for the first time outside of the online environment, and further build upon potentially long-lasting relationships with one another, faculty and staff. In addition, residencies provide wonderful networking and mentoring opportunities for students with faculty and peers.

During residency, students will participate in seminars and other group experiences meant to help them transition from student to graduate. The week-long residency culminates with the school’s Commissioning Services, through which the faculty pray for and “commission” graduates for the work to which God has called them.

Students should consider the following residency costs: 1) transportation, 2) hotel accommodations and 3) some food costs. The School of Psychology & Counseling usually provides lunch and two breaks each day when courses are in session. Students must make their own travel, lodging and other meal arrangements. Information to assist with residency planning is given to students in the spring.

For additional information regarding the HSC residency, please contact Dr. Amy (Dominguez) Trout at

Regent University