School of Psychology & Counseling

Practicum & Internship -
Doctoral Program in Counselor Education & Supervision

Overview of Practicum & Internship

The practicum and internship processes provide practical experience and supervision in areas consistent with academic and professional goals of the doctoral student in Counselor Education & Supervision.  The practicum experience provides for advanced experience with delivery of counseling services, supervision of counselors-in-training, counselor education, or consultation, depending on your licensure status and practicum site determination.

Both the practicum and internship focus on the experiential learning characteristic of doctoral clinical experience in which you practice skills and attitudes reflective of advanced training and education in the discipline of counseling. You will be given the opportunity to continue to develop competency in the chosen counseling dimension(s) through regular, supervised practice at your approved practicum site (or sites). These courses are designed to prepare students to be leaders in the profession of counseling and/or counselor education in both Christian and secular settings.

Primary Goals of Practicum & Internship Course:

Demonstration of competent and complete record-keeping skills in charting, as required by site requirements, demonstrated by proper personal log-keeping, maintaining appropriate grade and assessment records on students, and maintaining appropriate records related to supervision of supervisees or consultation with consultees.

  1. Demonstration of advanced writing skills in professional counseling pursuits, including but not limited to psychosocial histories, diagnoses, assessment, treatment planning, goal setting, and evaluation of outcomes; course syllabi, assessment of student written materials and feedback to counseling students; evaluation of and feedback to supervisees; and professional assistance to consultees.

  2. Demonstration of biblically based leadership skills pertinent to the profession of counseling by:
    1. demonstrating a commitment to personal, professional and spiritual development;
    2. articulating a personal philosophy about counseling;
    3. demonstrating multicultural sensitivity and respect for all participants in a setting related to the profession of counseling; and
    4. demonstrating ethical and professional behavior in all aspects of the profession of counseling.

Practicum and Internship Handbook and Forms

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