Global Impact

Through frequent study abroad opportunities, you'll be able to reach out to our global community – providing Christ-centered care to cultures and people groups outside of the U.S. Trained to be globally competent and possess a comparative understanding of the world's societies and nations, you'll be equipped to communicate effectively across cultural and linguistic boundaries, furthering the positive effects of Christian mental health care and demonstrating faith that transcends boundaries.

Center for Trauma Studies

Regent students who have completed the Trauma Training sequence and wish to practice their trauma treatment studies are eligible to deploy on two one-week trips each year to train counselors, teachers and social workers on various aspects of trauma. Team members work with abuse victims, treat traumatized families and help local professionals cope with compassion fatigue.

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Center for Child Trauma Institute (CCTI)

The CCTI aims to serve as a leading voice in research, training and practice to understand the role of religious and spiritual faith in the prevention of and recovery from various forms of childhood trauma, particularly child abuse. Thanks to a substantial grant from the Equitas Foundation, Regent University's Child Trauma Institute is undertaking a therapy and research project with Restavek children in the Port-au-Prince area of Haiti, addressing our need to serve the global community and counseling children with trauma.

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Mental Health & Missions Course

A major component of psychology is the understanding that people in different places and cultures will have different needs and perspectives. Dr. Jim Sells, a professor in Regent University's School of Psychology & Counseling (SPC), explains that because of this there is a great need for counselors to listen to and interact with people in a variety of cultures.

The SPC offers a 3 credit elective course for masters and doctoral students both distance and campus based, for a two week study abroad trip. Faculty and students focus on training local pastors, teachers and mental health providers with culturally universal principles of counseling. Students also have opportunities for interactions at local orphanages and hospitals providing therapy and services.

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