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2017 Season Casting Call

The Shows

This summer, Tidewater Stage will be producing The 39 Steps by Patrick Barlow and The Christians by Lucas Hnath. All acting positons are paid.


Auditions for The Christians will be held on Saturday, April 8 from 2-6 pm. Auditions for The 39 Steps  will be held on Sunday, April 9 from 2-6 pm. Auditions for both shows will be held in the Studio Theatre at Regent University. Producing Artistic Director Eric Harrell will attend along with directors Michael Kirkland (The 39 Steps) and Marianne Savell (The Christians). Actors will read from the script. Rehearsals for The 39 Steps begin on May 15 and performances run June 16-25. Rehearsals for The Christians will begin on July 10 and performances run July 28-Aug. 6. Rehearsals will use a combination of day and evening hours.

Character Breakdown for The 39 Steps

         Richard Hannay (male, 30's-40's, any ethnicity). An upper-class Englishman, handsome with a pencil mustache. A chance meeting with a mysterious young woman at a West End show leads Richard to being framed for murder; he goes on the run, one step ahead of the police, to try to clear his name and stop a spy ring from taking government secrets out of the country. Dialect: British RP

        Pamela/Anabella/Margaret (female, 20's-30's, any ethnicity). Seeking versatile actress to play three roles: Pamela is the classic Hitchcock leading lady. Beautiful, stylish, warm, intelligent, and feisty. She meets Richard by accident on a train as he is trying to escape from the police. Dialect: British RP. Annabella is a mysterious Russian beauty, a la Garbo, being pursued by spies. An agent in a life or death game of espionage. Dialect: Russian. Margaret is a fresh and innocent Scottish farmwife, married to a cold and abusive husband, living in the middle of nowhere. Dialect: Scottish

         Clown 1 and Clown 2 (males, 30's-50's, any ethnicity). Superb comic character actors to play 150 roles between them, with ages ranging from teens-70's, both male and female. Impeccable comic timing and physical dexterity. Dialects: British RP, Cockney, Scottish and others.

Character Breakdown for The Christians

         Elder Jay (male, 50's-70's, any ethnicity). Church elder, collegial, a long-time friend of Paul's; the diplomat, trying his best to make all parties happy.

         Pastor Paul (male, 40's, any ethnicity). Pastor of a very big church; professorial and polished in demeanor; does not have the stereotypical televangelist vibe. This role has been cast. This role has been cast.

       Associate Pastor Joshua (male, 20's-30's, any ethnicity). Younger than Pastor Paul; a bit green, but charismatic and earnest.

         Elizabeth (female, 40's, any ethnicity). Pastor Paul's wife; an important leader of the church; resolute; she holds her cards close to her chest until she doesn't.

         Congregant Jenny (female, 20's-30's, any ethnicity). Single mother; whip-smart and honest; has a lot of questions for Pastor Paul and the direction he's taking the church.

To Make an Audition Appointment:

Please email the following information to 1.) your name, 2.) phone number, 3.) email address, 4.) age range 5.) the show AND role for which you would like to audition. (You may audition for more than one role.) Please ensure your email contains all five points of information. You will be emailed an audition time within five business days. If you do not receive an email confirmation within five business days, please call 757-352-4211.