General Room Request Form

This form is to be used for COM School Faculty/Staff and student requests ONLY. Non-COM School related requests should be directed to Tech-Ops Scheduling GA at 757.352.4807.

Please submit all COM Building room requests at least three (3) business days in advance of your need for the room.

For classroom reservations, click here to be directed to the Registrar's office Classroom Reservation form.


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Does this production, rehearsal, audition or activity involve any type of SPECIAL EFFECTS (including fog, smoke, or strobe lights, etc.) or any type of WEAPON (stage, blank or otherwise... including pistols, rifles, knives, swords, clubs, brass knuckles, etc.)?

No   Yes

If so, please explain FULLY.

[NOTE: Use of any type of weapon (stage, blank or otherwise) or any type of fog or smoke, in and around the COM Building, for any type of production requires 5-business day advance notice and approval by the SCA Technical Coordinator, who will then notify & coordinate with Campus Police and CBN Building Services, if the Special Effects are approved. Use of fog, smoke or weapons in any other building on campus requires the same advance approval process via the Administrative Services office.]

Are any additional Support Rooms required for this project?

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If Yes, please list any and all Support Rooms that are needed, and explain fully the purpose for which these rooms are requested:


Recurring Reservations:


Please explain in detail (including all dates and 'start & stop' times - from 'move-in' to 'move-out') any room request that must recur in the future:

*South Green Room (COM 116) does not include dressing rooms and guest artist suite. Separate reservations required for dressing rooms & guest artist suite.

This form is to be used for COM School-related reservations ONLY.

Non-COM School requests should be directed to Tech-Ops Scheduling GA at 757.352.4807.

Non-COM School usage of the facilities and staffing of the Performing Arts Center may incur charges to the group, school or department making the reservation.