Joint Degrees

Take your career preparation to a whole new level. Consider obtaining a joint degree in two different academic disciplines at Regent University. Earn two complete master's degrees while saving thousands of dollars in tuition and time due to the unique advantages of the joint degree program, such as:

  • A reduction of roughly 25 percent of the required credit hours of each program
  • A reduction of 12 to 18 months of study time in earning both degrees

Joint degrees may be pursued between any two schools at the university, however, in order to be a joint degree student one must apply separately, submit all required admissions documents to both schools and be offered admission to both schools. Check with your second interest school of choice regarding any admissions questions and the reduced degree requirements for their particular program. Students do not have to declare joint degree status immediately but must do so before they have completed one third of their program in any one school.

Other Regent University Schools for Possible Joint Degrees

School of Divinity
School of Education
School of Business & Leadership
Robertson School of Government
School of Law
School of Psychology & Counseling

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