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Admissions Information

Personal Goals Statement

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Personal Goals
  2. Personal Goals

  3. Please respond to each question in paragraph form.

  4. 1. How does the overall goal you have for your life fit within Regent's motto, "Christian Leadership to Change the World"?
  5. 2. Describe your personal background and how God has been preparing you for His call on your life. Feel free to include family, friends, community, work and church.
  6. 3. Given Regent’s commitment to a Christ-centered educational philosophy, explain how your personal and spiritual objectives relate to that commitment.
  7. 4. What are your professional goals and how do you feel that your strength and abilities compliment your chosen degree program?
  8. 5. What do you consider your weakness to be and what steps are you taking to overcome it?
  10. Financial Planning

  11. To be considered for financial assistance: the following information, in addition to your academic standing, will be considered by the Scholarship Committee when determining awards.

  12. 1. What is God’s calling on your life (what dream has He given you) and how does your degree fit into it?
  13. 2. Which of the following do you intend to use in financing your degree?

  14. Third Party Scholarships
    Military Benefits
    Employer Reimbursement
    Church Match
    University or School-based Scholarship

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