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Annual Tuition/Living Expense Calculator

Use the form below to estimate your costs. These costs are calculated per year. This information is provided for your convenience in estimating costs and creating a budget to use when applying for a financial award, it is not a written guarantee of actual expenses and fees. Your actual costs may vary and may change over time.

Part 1 - Your Cost

Selecting your status will affect the fees calculated in the total below. Prospective students will pay a $50 application fee when they apply.

Selecting your marital status will affect your housing options if you choose to live on campus.

Full-time students with childern may live on campus in the "Village" housing, first floor apartments.

Your level of enrollment (Part-time or Full-time) will affect your housing options.

Your housing options are contingent on several factors: marital status, number of children and your enrollment level.
Part-time and online learning students may not live in on campus student housing.

Regent Commons housing includes furniture, utilities, cable TV and Internet access.

Health insurance is mandatory for full-time "on campus" students even if they live in off campus housing.
You may select "Don't include insurance" if you have your own health insurance coverage.
(price is for Regent University student health insurance)

Part 2 - Estimates

includes entertainment, cloths, extra medical, life insurance and other misc. expenses
automobile fuel, oil, insurance, license, and maintenance expenses
Masters Level:
full-time is 9 credits, fall and spring and 6 in the summer. part-time is one class per term, 9 credits each year
Doctoral Level: full-time is 6 credits each semester
Includes application/enrollment fee, technology fee, technical support fee, academic service fee, libarary course fee, parking fees & COGS (Council of Graduate Students) fees if applicable
Books and Supplies:  
Estimate Total:  

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