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Directed Project/Internship Overview

For students in School of Communication & the Arts programs initiating an internship or a directed project, there are three required forms:

  1. Contracts
    1. Internship Contract: used by FTV & Theater Students.
    2. Directed Project Contract: used by JRN & Strat Comm Students.
  2. Evaluation Form - required for all.

Directions for JRN & Strat. Com Students:

  • Find / develop a Directed Project opportunity.
  • Share / discuss the project idea with your advisor for approval.
  • If approved: complete the Directed Project Approval form and Individual Study form and obtain all required signatures. Take/send forms to the appropriate registration support staff who will complete the registration.

IMPORTANT: Only start the Project after all forms have been submitted and registration has been completed.

  • During the Project, communicate with your advisor about your progress. Send an email update every two weeks and include applicable project links or attachments to demonstrate progress.
  • To complete the project:
    1. Complete the Evaluation Form with your industry supervisor and return with all signatures to your academic advisor.
    2. Write a 7-12 page informal paper about the experience. Explain the project, discuss your learning progress and the outcome. Include screen-shots, graphics or links as applicable. Email to your advisor.

The project is graded "pass/fail".

NOTE: JRN and Strat. Com Students also have the option to complete their degree with a Thesis/Dissertation. Students usually chose this option if they have a high interest in a specific research topic or theory related to their academic field. A thesis may also be helpful if a student intends PhD studies in their near future. Please contact your advisor for more details.