Guidelines for Equipment Use

Before you can check out equipment, you must read and sign the Guidelines for Equipment Use.


The Equipment Office staff is committed to serving students in a courteous and professional manner. Likewise, students are required to conduct themselves in a professional manner when dealing with the Equipment Office.

Use of equipment from the School of Film & Television (FTV) Equipment Office is a privilege with corresponding rules, responsibilities and accountability. Good stewardship is the aim of these guidelines, to ensure optimal equipment longevity and availability. Proper training, care and handling, vigilance and courtesy are essential to achieve this aim. Failure to follow these rules will result in monetary penalties, loss of privileges, or both.

In the event of a conflict, students are expected to resolve it with Equipment Office personnel in a professional manner. If necessary, the Equipment Office manager is to resolve the conflict. Should further intervention be required, the conflict will be documented in writing or electronic form and submitted to the director of Media Services for final resolution. NOTE: Rude, abusive, bullying or other inappropriate conduct is never acceptable, and will result in immediate loss of equipment privileges.


  • Allow at least 3 business-days for processing. Large requests may take longer.
  • Equipment reservations are on a first-come, first-served basis.
  • Faculty will only approve equipment appropriate for assignments from their current production classes.
  • Only eligible students may reserve, check-out and operate the equipment.
  • The student who checks out the equipment must be the one to operate it.
  • Equipment must be in the custody of the student at all times. Unattended or unsecured equipment will be confiscated, and the student will lose privileges for that equipment.

Eligibility Policy

FTV Equipment may only be used for:

  • FTV & CTVU production class assignments
  • Journalism class assignments
  • Animation class assignments
  • Endowment Projects
  • MA/MFA thesis film projects
  • CTVU senior class projects
  • Official FTV departmental projects

Tier-1 FTV/CTVU equipment is available for production class assignments, by students who are (1) currently enrolled, and who've (2) filed a signed Equipment Policy Agreement with the Equipment Office, and who've (3) successfully completed FTV-502 or CTVU-102.

Tier-2 & 3 FTV/CTVU equipment require additional courses and qualifications. Please see Tier Eligibility policies below.



Tier-1: Equipment Workshop (CTV 502/CTVU 102)

  • Tier-1 Cameras and Camera Support

Tier-2: Cinematography*(CTV 547/CTVU 346)

  • Tier-2 Cameras, Camera Support, Camera Accessories, and Monitors

* Some equipment in this category may require faculty recommendation and individual training by equipment office personnel.

Lighting/Electric/Grip Tiers

Tier-1: Equipment Workshop (CTV 502/CTVU 102)

  • Tier-1 Lighting, Electric, and Grip equipment.

Tier-2: Lighting* (CTV 547/CTVU 345)

  • Tier-2 Lighting, Electric, and Grip equipment.

Audio Tiers

Tier-1: Equipment Workshop (CTV 502/CTVU 102)

  • Tier-1 Sound equipment

Tier-2: Sound Design/Audio Production (CTV 658/CTVU 458)

  • Tier-2 Sound equipment

Special Training Prerequisites

Regent's equipment has various course prerequisites, and some require faculty recommendation. Certain equipment has specialized training requirements. Please read the Camera, Grip/Lighting and Audio Eligibility sections, above, to be sure you and your project are eligible for the equipment you are requesting.

The Jimmy Jib, Glidecam X-22 Stabilizer and Vest, and the Gearhead all require specialized training after successful completion of CTV 546/CTVU 446 Cinematography, as well as a faculty recommendation. Contact the Equipment Office for details.

NOTE: All Tier 3 equipment is limited to Endowment Projects, Senior Projects, Thesis Films, Official Regent projects, or by Special Permission, only



Equipment is reserved on a first-come, first-served basis. Request forms that are improperly or incompletely filled out will lose priority position. Be sure to complete forms properly.


Equipment can be reserved for 48 hours (two days) on weekdays, and 72 hours (three days) on weekends. Note: equipment checked out on Thursday is limited to a 24-hour reservation. Exceptions can be granted on a case-by-case basis, and must be approved by the CTV Chair and Equipment Office manager.


Students may request a one-day extension of their reservation period, for a $30 extension fee. Extensions will only be granted if there is no scheduling conflict. Extensions will not be granted for reservations that are scheduled for Friday returns.


Students must request equipment via the equipment office web page:

  • The form must be properly and completely filled out, to ensure timely processing.
  • Reservation requests are processed on a first-come, first-served basis. Be sure to reserve everything you need, but only what you need, as early as possible.
  • Students are not allowed to modify reservation requests.
  • Additional equipment requests require an additional reservation and faculty approval.
  • The earlier you make your reservation, the less chance for scheduling conflicts, and the better your chances of getting everything you request.

Check-Out and Check-In

The reservation form requires appointments for equipment check-out and check-in. Approved equipment is reserved, to be picked up at the scheduled time. Reserved equipment is not available to anyone else. Because of the high demand, and because of the time constraints on equipment office personnel, late or missed appointments will be penalized.

Check Out (Pick Up)

You must thoroughly check the equipment you receive. Unless stated otherwise, equipment kits are considered to be whole when provided to students. You must verify that the contents of the case match the content list, at your pick-up appointment. Inform the equipment office staff immediately if anything is missing, before you check out the equipment. If you return the equipment with missing items, you will be charged for the missing piece(s).

Likewise, the equipment is considered to be in good working order and in good repair when provided to students. You must verify that the equipment works, and note any problems you find. If equipment is returned damaged or malfunctioning, you will be charged for repairs unless the problem was noted at check-out.

Note: Students must plan enough time to build and inspect cameras during check-out (this is standard industry procedure).

Equipment Check-In (Return)

You must return equipment during your scheduled return appointment, and it must be in the same orderly fashion in which you received it. All cords must be properly wound, and all items must be in their proper cases. The equipment office staff will not check in equipment that is not in proper order; you will be asked to repack the equipment before it is checked in.

Late Fees

  • A $15.00 late appointment fee will be charged if you are more than 15 minutes late for your scheduled check-out or return appointment.
  • A $30.00 late return fee will be charged for each day past due, starting on the originally scheduled return date, up to the new-purchase replacement cost of the equipment.
  • Late fees must be paid by check to the equipment office—please make checks payable to Regent University.
  • Equipment privileges will be suspended until late fees are paid in full.

Late appointments: Check-Out

Appointments are scheduled to give equipment office staff time to process each request, in addition to other office duties. If you are going to be late for any reason, call the equipment office immediately. You are considered late if you arrive more than 15-minutes after your scheduled check-out appointment time, and a $15 late appointment fee will be charged.

If you contact the equipment office before your scheduled check-out appointment, they will attempt to reschedule your appointment for later that day. You will still incur a $15.00 late appointment fee, but your equipment will remain reserved for check-out at your rescheduled time.

However, if you don't contact the equipment office before your originally scheduled check out appointment, or if the appointment can't be rescheduled for that day, your reservation will be cancelled, and you will be charged an additional $15.00 restocking fee.

The equipment office will not alter their closing time to accommodate late appointments.

Late Appointments: Check-In

Late equipment returns are worse than late check-outs. The demand for equipment is very high, and turnaround times can be very short. If you do not return your equipment within 15 minutes of your scheduled return time, you will be charged a $15 late appointment fee.

If you're going to be late, you must call the equipment office, immediately. If you don't contact the equipment office prior to your scheduled return appointment, or if you don't return equipment within business hours on the original due date, you will be charged an additional $30 late return fee, that first day, for a total of $45; and an additional $30 late return fee, for every day late, thereafter, up to the new-purchase replacement cost of the equipment.

The equipment office staff will not alter the closing time to accommodate late appointments.

Grip Truck Driver Policy

The Grip Truck is available for Endowment projects and Official Regent Projects to authorized drivers, only. The Grip Truck is a Regent University motor vehicle, and authorized drivers are subject Regent's driving policy. CTV maintains a small pool of eligible drivers, who volunteer to help with fellow students’ projects. The pool is updated annually. To become a candidate for the pool of grip truck drivers, students with clean driving records should contact the equipment office manager.

Driving Vehicles on Behalf of Regent University:

Individuals who have been approved to drive Regent-owned vehicles are required to maintain an acceptable driving record in accordance to the standards of our insurance company. Individuals who drive routinely (more than three times yearly) must submit their driver's license information to Administrative Services for DMV verification.

Administrative Services maintains a list of drivers approved by the insurance company. Any driver found to have an unacceptable DMV record will be contacted immediately, and will NOT be permitted to drive Regent-owned vehicles. Approved drivers will have their DMV record evaluated annually. It is the driver's responsibility to notify Administrative Services immediately of any changes in his driving record, by emailing, or calling x4442.

Individuals needing to drive University or rental vehicles on an occasional basis, usually once or twice yearly, need to complete the driver questionnaire found on the Administrative Services web page. The driver questionnaire should be submitted to at least three days prior to departure. This will be kept on file as your testimony to your acceptable driving record. Your driving record will not be verified unless you will be driving more frequently for the University.

Using a hand-held cell phone or engaging in any distracting activity while driving a Regent owned vehicle is strictly prohibited. Driving privileges will be revoked for any individual engaged in unsafe driving habits.

All individuals driving for Regent University business should carry the Accident Information Pamphlet listing the Regent vehicle insurance company name, policy number, policy expiration date, and phone number. There are also instructions to follow in the case of an accident. The pamphlet can be requested from the Office of Administrative Services at x4008.

Grip Truck Return

The grip truck must be returned cleaned, and properly packed. If the grip truck requires cleaning or repacking by equipment office personnel, you will be charged a $50.00 Cleaning Fee.

Equipment Breakdown

Students should immediately report any equipment malfunction, breakdown or potential problem to the equipment office. If problems occur after regular office hours, please email the equipment office. Students should not attempt to repair equipment. Any burned out or broken lamp bulbs should be returned to the equipment office. Failure to return burned out bulbs will be charged for the bulb.


Students are responsible for the replacement cost of lost items or equipment damaged while in their care. In the event of lost or damaged equipment, you will be contacted by the equipment office regarding replacement and/or repair costs. Costs will be collected via check, made out to Regent University. If you incur equipment related late fees or repair/replacement charges, you will not be allowed to check out equipment until you remit the cost to the equipment office.