Virtual Conference on Moral Leadership


Corné J. Bekker, D. Litt. et Phil

The Virtues of Justice and Prudence as Counter Measures for Narcissistic Leadership in the Birth Narratives of the Gospel of Matthew [Video]

Andrew T. Babyak, Ph.D. & Glen Metheny, Ph.D.

The Redemption of Paul's Narcissistic Leadership

Marcus K. Kilian, M.Div., Psy.D., LP

Formational Leadership: Overcoming Toxic Leadership with Christian Spirituality

MaryJo Burchard, Ph.D.

Garden of Mirrors: How to Grow, Attract, or Mitigate Narcissistic Leaders [Video]

Carlo A. Serrano

Intoxicating Vision: Leading Under the Influence

Philip D. Fletcher

Ethical Leadership's Influence on the Organizational Identity of Narcissism: A Socio-Rhetorical Analysis of 2 Chronicles 30:1-27

Kathleen Patterson, Ph.D. & Jane Waddell, Ph.D.

Will Increased Narcissism Mean the Death of Servant Leadership? [Video]

Chris Hamstra, Ph.D.

The Dynamic Interplay of Narcissistic Leadership

Richard Martin

Humility as a Desirable Personality Trait and a Construct of Effective Leadership: A Review of the Literature

Steve Crowther, Ph.D.

The Dark Side of Leadership in Contemporary Contexts [Video]

Angela D. Spranger, Ph.D.

Don't Follow the Leader: The Poisonous Effects of Toxic Leadership

Stephen H. Dawson

Detoxifying the Leadership Style of Hamid Karzai

Jacqueline Faulhaber, DSL

Essence of Narcissism and an Example through the Lens of Caiaphas' Leadership [Video]

David J. Boisselle & Jeanne McDonnell

Dark Leadership in the Ranks: How the U.S. Armed Forces Can Address Narcissism and Toxic Leadership

Fredah Mainah & Vernita Perkins

Narcissism in Organizational Leadership

Mike Mahan, Ph.D.

The Potential Effects of Narcissistic Leaders on Organizational Climate [Video]

Jose Villarreal

Addressing Narcissistic Leadership through Organizational Development and Systematic Implementations

David B. Ross, Ed.D., Rande W. Matteson, Ph.D. & Julie Exposito

Servant Leadership to Toxic Leadership: Power of Influence Over Power of Control

Michael Gilbert

Narcissistic Leaders: Origins, Outcomes, and Follower Responses [Video]


Doris Gomez, Ph.D.

How Then Shall we Lead: The Quest for Moral Leadership [Video]

Michael B. Russell

Defining a Positive Ethical Organization

Boniface Toulassi

Moral Leadership: The Morality of Leadership

Corné J. Bekker, D. Litt. et Phil

Sequi Vestigia Christi: Aesthetic Hermeneutics and the Process of Leadership Conversions [Video]

Andrew Babyak

The Moral Leadership of Martin Luther King, Jr.

Jeffrey P. Rush

The Code of the West

Kathleen Patterson, Ph.D.

Moral Leadership as a Choice: Cornelia Johannes ten Boom [Video]

Martine Audéoud, Ph.D.

African Perceptions on Moral Leadership: A case study in West-African International University

Craig Mayo & Carrie C. Jacobs

Michelle Obama: Setting the Standard for Moral Leadership

Karl Inge Tangen, Ph.D.

The Story of Marcus - On Ambivalence and Metathinking as an Important Part of Moral Formation [Video]

David M. Riel

Dr. Billy Graham: A Case Study in Cross-Cultural Transformative Leadership

Amber Quarles

Secretaries of State: The Rice-Clinton Comparison, Moral Leadership is a Factor

Nicki Nixon, Ph.D.

Aaron Feuerstein: A Case Study in Moral Leadership through Moral Intelligence [Video]

Chris Hamstra

Life AFTER Sports: Moral Leadership and the Robinsons

J. Randall Wallace, Ph.D.

Moral Leadership: The Case of John Perkins [Video]

Shannon McLain, Robert Codagnone, & Lora Reed, Ph.D.

Moral Leadership: Executive Servant Leadership as a Means to Overcoming Organizational Resistance to Innovation

Pearl Richardson Smith, Ph.D.

Charles O. Rossotti: A Model of Public Sector Moral Leadership

Kathleen Patterson, Ph.D. & Corné J. Bekker, D. Litt. et Phi

Honoring the Legacy of Nelson Mandela [Video]

Mignon Burton

The Socio-Rhetorical Dynamics of a Leader as a Change Agent: Interpreting Jesus' Interactions with a Disciple from an Exegetical Inner Texture Prospective

Samuel L. Johnson Jr.

Dietrich Bonhoeffer as Moral Leader during the Holocaust in Germany


Karl Inge Tangen, Ph.D.

1st Commandment [Video]

David W. Gill & Albert M. Erisman

The First Word on Business

Thomas S. Heemstra

Enlightening America's Post-Christian 5-D Worldview: Falling Off the Ethical Cliff

Boniface Toulassi

The First Commandment: The Genesis and basis for Moral Leadership

J. Hall C. Thorp

The Authentic Leader: Rejecting a Graven Image of Self

Wayne Sass

Acts 8:26-40: Being Led and Leading Out of the House of Bondage

Corné J. Bekker, D. Litt. et Phil

2nd Commandment [Video]

Bruce Winston, Ph.D.

3rd Commandment [Video]

H. Allen Davis, Jr.

Towards understanding burnout: A Call for leaders to return to pausing and resting by keeping Sabbath

Doris Gomez, Ph.D.

4th Commandment [Video]

Keith GeLarden Dayton

Secular Adherence: Leadership by Default or Design

Angela Spranger

5th Commandment [Video]

MaryJo Burchard

6th Commandment [Video]

Bobby Hill, Ed.D.

7th Commandment [Video]

Vincent Chen

8th Commandment [Video]

Clint C. Roberts

The Violation of the Ninth Commandment and the Injustices of the Spanish Inquisition: How the bearing of false witness played a key role in a terrible historical episode

David Stehlik

Coveting the Covenant: Treasuring God and Conquering Corrupt Desires

Viviette L. Allen

Covetous Sociopathy: Implications for Organizational Leadership

Jason Goltz & Steven Maranville

Business Leadership and the Relevance of the Tenth Commandment: Management May Not Really Exist!

Kathleen Patterson, Ph.D.

9th & 10th Commandments [Video]


Kathleen Patterson, Ph.D.

Humility and Organizational Leadership [Video]

Steven S Crowther

Humility and Leadership: Relevant Concepts from Benedict of Nursia

David A. Miles

Leader Development in Humility, Change, and Conflict

James D. Rose

Humility in Leadership as Modeled in Philippians 2:5–11: Putting People First

Sung-Bae Chang

Kindness and Organizational Leadership [Video]

MaryJo Burchard

Kindness Is Not Nice: Christ's Mandate for Leaders to Be Kind, in Light of the Sacred Heart of God

Marilise. E. Smurthwaite

Patience and Organizational Leadership [Video]

José G. Vargas-Hernández

Management Education for Professional Integrity: The Case of University Centre for Economic and Managerial Sciences, University of Guadalajara

Corné J. Bekker, D. Litt. et Phil

Diligence and Organizational Leadership [Video]

Dan J. Mularski, Ph.D.

Two Questions and an Attitude to Growing as a Leader and the Role of Diligence

Daniel P. Rogers, DSL

Diligence Through Identity: Paul's leadership approach in Ephesians 4

Bruce E. Winston, Ph.D.

Charity and Organizational Leadership [Video]

Alireza Hejazi

How Servant Leadership Theory Serves A Biblical Theme

Karl Inge Tangen, Ph.D.

Temperance and Organizational Leadership [Video]

Jacqueline A. Faulhaber

The Gap between Secular and Sacred Understanding of Temperance in Leadership

Eileen DesAutels Wiltshire

Temperance and Organizational Leadership: Control Yourself before Trying to Control Others

Rex van Vuuren

Chastity and Organizational Leadership [Video]

Harold L. Henkel

Chastity: A Frame of Mind for Leaders


Winston, B. E.

Pride and Organizational Leadership [Video]

Janelle L. Harrison

Moral Global Leadership and the Seven Capital Sins: Pride vs. Humility.

Maurice A. Buford

Organization Pride: Virtue or Vice?

MaryJo Burchard

A Fresh Look at Pride: The King versus the Cross.

Rodney L. Moss

Pride Out of Touch with Reality?

Patterson, K.

Envy and Organizational Leadership [Video]

Teck Boon Lim

The Insidious Nature of Envy

Smurthwaite, M. E.

Wrath and Organizational Leadership [Video]

Bekker, C. J.

Sloth and Organizational Leadership [Video]

Daniel P. Rogers

Avoiding Slothful Righteousness: Moral Leadership through the Lens of Galatians 5.

Tangen, K. I.

Greed and Organizational Leadership [Video]

Chang, S.

Gluttony and Organizational Leadership [Video]

Van Vuuran, R.

Lust and Organizational Leadership [Video]

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