Foresight Conference Proceedings


Tom Hoffmann

Diary of a Temponaut: God Comes to Us from the Future
A Personal Essay

Clem Bezold

Where love and need are one and work is play for mortal stakes: My journey as a futurist

Ted Peters

Diary of a Futurist: Looking to a Future which is Human


Dr. Todd M. Johnson

My Journey into the Future : A Personal Essay

Dr. Wendy L. Schultz

How I Discovered the Future : A Personal Essay


Brian D. McLaren

My Journey into Foresight

Jennifer Jarratt

My Life as a Futurist

Dr. Richard Slaughter

The Making of a Futurist


Andy Hines

My Journey as a Futurist

Bob D. Dale

Futures: The Family Business

Jay Gary

Don't Stop Thinking About Tomorrow

Peter Bishop

From Ignatius Loyola to Alvin Toeffler

Tom Sine

Our Journey into Foresight

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