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Doctoral Project Abstract

Four Factors that Influence our Leadership Style

Rodrigo Zarate
Regent University

One of the main variables affecting leadership success is the leader's ability to change leadership styles when the situation and environment require it. Research has shown that the leader's ability to understand and respond to change is significantly determined by his or her personality, life experiences, culture, and religious beliefs. The project focuses on leaders and change, specifically in the Spanish-speaking world, and is conducted in the form of a manuscript written in Spanish entitled "Four Factors That Influence Our Leadership Style". The purpose of the manuscript is to create awareness among leaders on how these four factors influence their ability or inability to understand the need for change, and subsequently respond to it. The manuscript is divided into four sections. The first section reviews the influence of personality , the second section considers the influence of life experiences , the third section examines the influence of culture , and the fourth section evaluates the influence of religious beliefs in our leadership style .

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