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Doctoral Project Abstract

Succession Management Practices in College Campus Ministries

Scott A. Yorkovich
Regent University

This project presents a model of succession management designed specifically for leaders of college campus ministries. The model, "Relational Mission Leadership," takes advantage of traditional, business-oriented succession management practices and incorporates the wisdom of Scripture and experiences of seasoned campus pastors. Traditional approaches to succession management direct leaders regarding people development, organizational effectiveness, and on-going organizational success. However, campus ministry environments present additional challenges that these practices do not effectively resolve. These challenges include the all-volunteer environment and the four-year cycle of student turnover. Neither of these are common to the business environment and therefore the succession management models are lacking. Relational Mission Leadership is defined as: "Effective succession management in the campus ministry environment is dependent upon every leader's intentional efforts to develop loving relationships among all followers, with most of their resources focused on a handful of key leaders." While the model contains eight discrete elements, the present project focuses specifically on essentials of "effective succession management," the need to "develop loving relationships," and the focus on "a handful of key leaders." Jesus' leadership and succession strategy with Peter, James, and John, the 12 Disciples, and the general populace of that region are explored as the example for Relational Mission Leadership.

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