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Doctoral Project Abstract

Realignment: Connecting the Five-Fold Ministry With Its Purpose

Eugene Wilson

Christianity is showing signs of trouble in North America. Church attendance is declining and membership is waning. While many are inclined to blame society, much of the problem can be contributed to lack of alignment among church leaders with their God-given purpose. Instead of focusing on equipping others, church leaders have centered on gathering a crowd. This is not the pattern Jesus presented for ministry nor was it Paul's mode of operation. Jesus spent the majority of his time training and developing the twelve disciples. Likewise, Paul taught the importance of equipping others.

This book addresses the need for church leaders to realign with the purpose of the five-fold ministry-equipping others for the work of ministry. The author suggests the work of ministry remains largely unfulfilld because church leaders have failed in this regard. The author calls for church leaders to realign with their purpose, equip the saints and release them to fulfill their ministry. To this end, the qualities and characteristics of an equipping church leader are identified, how people change is closely examined, and principles for involving others are addressed, as are practical ways in which church leaders can help increase the level of involvement within a congregation. The author maintains when saints are equipped, enabled, and empowered to operate in their ministry, the church will experience exponential growth.

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