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Doctoral Project Abstract

Levite Praise
God’s Biblical Design for Praise & Worship

Cheryl Wilson-Bridges
Regent University

According to renowned church statistician George Barna, the American church is dying due to a lack of strong leadership. This lack of leadership is so pervasive that it is not only relegated to the pulpit, but also impacts the ministry of musical praise and worship. Yet there is a theological remedy. God created and unfolds through Scripture the biblical design that binds leadership development with systematic worship practice. God’s biblical design transcends culture and time and comprises the blueprint for effective worship leadership.

To uncover God’s worship leadership paradigm this Levite Praise manuscript asks and answers three provocative questions: What does God desire? What does God require and how should we aspire? The answers to these queries capture the heart and mind as the reader journeys through the pages of Scripture to unearth leadership theory coupled with organizational strategy, structure and design. Every fundamental truth is imparted through practical biblical examples. God’s biblical design creates a communion culture that outlines a musical praise and worship leadership model patterned for the ages.

This manuscript gives an extensive and comprehensive view of true musical praise and worship from a Levitical perspective. Each chapter delves into the role of musical worship within the customs of the ancient and contemporary church. From the patriarchs, Moses, King David to the ministry of Jesus Christ and His disciples each page is enlivened with practical leadership lessons, personal application and contemporary ministry tips. Even controversial topics like Music: Majesty or Mayhem reveals a clear biblical perspective that offers a viable leadership solution to avert the common challenge of worship wars in the church.

For the reader, the integration of biblical principles and Levitical premises derived from the insights and conclusions of this research can be powerful and transformative. In this manuscript Spirit and Truth converge to create a crucial musical worship and leadership development legacy. Through the innovation and application of these biblical principles, dynamic worship leadership that results in authentic praise power can be successfully achieved, implemented and sustained in the global contemporary church.


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