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Doctoral Project Abstract

Rapid Advance Strategy Development for Urban Influence

Thomas Weir
Regent University

Christians today urgently need to find a new approach to mission for our changing world. Cities are growing at a rapid pace. As the world is becoming urban, the influence of the city is reaching far beyond its borders. However, as the cities become more populated and influential, they are becoming less Christian. At the same time, Christian missionary efforts are failing to influence the cities. Therefore, in today's urban world it is time to revamp methods and approaches, if the missionary plans to be relevant in the urban world. It is time for the missionary to wake up to the challenge of urbanization and to develop a strategy to influence the cities. This project examines urban growth and explains why it is imperative that cities become the new frontier for Christian missions. It further examines the development of a strategy to influence the urban areas. The outcome of the project is the identification of the components needed for the development of a rapid advance urban impact strategy.

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