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Doctoral Project Abstract

The Art of HR: Providing Effective and Scalable HR Services to Organizations

Tim Vanderpyl

Many authors have critiqued and pondered the role of Human Resources (HR) in organizations. HR Departments and HR leaders have had a tumultuous history, but few would argue it is not needed completely. What is debatable is what HR does specifically, how much resources should be allocated to HR, and the level and methods of influence within the organization HR leaders should have. Whether organizational leaders consider HR a "necessary evil" or a strategic partner, HR is here to stay.

Using parables, discussions and excerpts from interviews with eleven top HR leaders, this project ponders and proposes a 21st Century HR service framework that can be adapted by HR leaders who are struggling with "how" to provide effective and scalable HR service to their organizations. This framework is an art form that requires constant adjustments and adaptations to the organizational surroundings. It specifically describes the role of HR leaders in providing effective and scalable service in seven functional HR areas: Organizational Effectiveness; Staffing; Employee & Labor Relations; Total Compensation; Organizational Learning, Training & Development; Organizational Health Safety & Wellness, and Professional Practice. This project uses fictional characters to describe elements of that service and argues that a servant leadership paradigm may be the most effective way for HR leaders to provide more effective and scalable services to their organizations. It concludes by proposing an adaptable framework for HR departments to adopt as they evolve with their respective organization.

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