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Doctoral Project Abstract

Workforce Optimization through Technology and Trust

Terry Tonkin
Regent University

This report describes a "Workforce Optimization" project conducted in a newly formed inbound call center. At the core of the project was the implementation of a new workforce management (WFM) system designed to centralize, standardize, and automate call forecasting, staff scheduling, and performance monitoring processes. While this system was intended to dramatically increase efficiency, it was only one part of the initiative to optimize employee productivity and performance. The second part of the project focused on managerial behaviors that promote trust. An emphasis on "managerial trustworthy behaviors" was crucial because trust in leadership is strongly related to positive work attitudes, citizenship behaviors, and excellence, all vital to optimizing productivity and performance. The most difficult implementation hurdles involved employee acceptance of the new WFM system. Trust was central to this acceptance, especially within the employee's relationship with his or her supervisor.

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