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Doctoral Project Abstract

Leadership Basics for New Superintendents in National Park Service:
A Two Day Interactive Seminar to Examine Key Leadership Concepts and Life-long Learning

Reginald M. Tiller

This two day seminar provides new superintendents for the National Park Service (NPS) with an introduction to leadership and leadership development tools that will help them build a foundation for leadership excellence. Moreover, help them to understand the transition from management roles as field managers to park leaders. The seminar will allow participants to examine key concepts of leadership and will provide the opportunity to establish a personal leadership compendium for future growth and development for life-long learning and reflection. The key concepts of the seminar focuses on defining leadership, understanding leader expectations, barriers to good leadership, mentoring, self renewal, and developing a personal leadership compendium.
The seminar is designed to be interactive, based on the following leadership questions, with participants engaging in small group discussions, interacting with the presenter, thinking, answering and reflecting on the basics of leadership. The questions are: What is leadership? What is the purpose of leadership in organizations? What do employees expect from leaders? How can I become an effective leader? Why is it important for leaders to practice self-renewal as a part of leadership development?

The participants will engage in the presentation of leadership theories, methods, concepts, and innovative leadership research findings through seminar workshops that will stimulate an increased understanding of leadership. Furthermore, the seminar created, a foundational forum for future leadership growth, by participating in practical exercises, discussions, and reflection of the key concepts of leadership that will broaden their capacity for being a good leader. The capstone of the seminar is the development of a Personal Leadership Compendium (PLC) that serves as a personal library or collection of leadership reference materials for participants to review, engage, and reference in their new leadership journey for the National Park Service.

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