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Doctoral Project Abstract

Courage, Inc.

J. Hall C. Thorp
Regent University

This project outlines the rational, strategic framework, operations plans and implementation steps for Courage, Inc. Courage, Inc. is a new not-for-profit organization that utilizes strategic foresight methods and Sponsors to assist those facing terminal illnesses augment the "will and skills" needed to position themselves, families and legacies favorably no matter which future actually unfolds. The crux of Courage, Inc. is a platform wherein patients gain direction on a variety of specific topics that are coupled with encouragement to serve others, and accountability to follow through on desired actions. Patients also receive daily profiles of courage, which provide models of courage that inspire patients to engage in proactive personal leadership. Courage employs an integrated approach in providing timely guidance and resources to patients. It serves to en courage patients, which serves to augment a patient's courage. The company is designed to be extremely scalable and to expand from its initial target of terminally ill patients, to serving others that are in challenging physical or emotional conditions.

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