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Doctoral Project Abstract

Interlinks: A Virtual Culture of Growth

Susan Thornton

The turbulent economic market forces organizations to rethink their business strategies to gain a competitive advantage. This advantage involves organizations' best asset, employees, and this advantage starts on their first day of employment. Some companies highly invest in their employees, and others ensure new team members transition quickly to be more effective in the business due to the global expansion of their customers.

The New Team Member Program addresses the need for a business 'fast-start' and it embraces a transformational leadership model of trust, transparency, and personal responsibility. To span the globe, this program utilizes technology that encourages virtual collaboration. This 'personal' interaction enables a coaching element to increase individuals' effectiveness and accountability. This program focuses on a key sales position onboarding, with pre-and post-assessments of the program's effectiveness to reveal learning and opportunity areas. The overall all program process was successful, with opportunity to automate the distinct phases to provide timely new team member participation.

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