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Doctoral Project Abstract

The Yin and Yang of Leadership Followership

S. Art TerMorshuizen
Regent University

This manuscript on leadership flows in three sections: the essence of leadership; coaching as leadership communication; and marriage- as revealed by God in Scripture, to illustrate the way gender issues are rendered inconsequential by responsible leadership and followership. The eastern concept of the Yin and Yang is employed in discussing the dynamic dualism between leadership and followership. This is strategically done to break away from the typical model of social Darwinian leadership. A dynamic tension is presumed to exist between the two equal but opposite forces of the yin and yang. In this way I propose that leadership and followership in essence, are similarly functions responsibly assumed to achieve an agreed upon purpose. More significantly, they operate independently of 'title and office' norms. One should not therefore be viewed as positive and the other negative, anymore than either the yin or yang are superior.

Coaching will next be discussed as the superlative way for communication to be ramped up to a better level between all employees. Coaching is revealed as the communication style implemented between mutually respectful people, but which can also be used as a significant tool for individual growth and enrichment as well. The nature of coaching communication is specifically elaborated. Every organization and endeavor can be positively enhanced and made more productive by engaging the entire staff to communicate via coaching principles. Of course this will require an increased value being placed on followers by leaders, with a greater recognition of their essential function for company success.

Finally the aforesaid components will be drawn together in an expose of how Christian marriage is ideally intended by God to model the leadership followership interplay as the dynamic tension between spouses, based on their appropriate communication. Gender issues will be ordered sensitively in accordance with what is found revealed about this in the Bible. This will establish the foundational model of leadership followership in society, where the typical organizational hierarchy of titles or salaries, will no longer blur the reality of the true leadership followership process.


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