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Doctoral Project Abstract

A Devotional Series on the Leadership of Jesus in the Gospel of Mark

Don R. Solomon
Regent University

This project was written for an audience of Christians in leadership and examines ten specific leadership practices of Jesus as presented in the Gospel of Mark. The project is structured in the form of a devotional study and applies biblical truths and values to contemporary organizational and leadership contexts based on the most superior example of leadership known, that of Jesus Christ. Mark's Gospel was chosen because of its emphasis on what Jesus did rather than what he said and Mark's language is very illustrative, visual, and action oriented making it ideal for studying leadership behavior. The devotional series includes the following ten leadership themes: leadership as relationship; ethical leadership; servant leadership; transformational leadership; team leadership; the divine authority of Christian leaders; visionary leadership; leadership credibility; leadership development; and leadership rest and renewal.

Each devotional presents the theme, scripture passage, and leadership/organizational concept being discussed followed by the devotional body that analyzes the leadership theory and discusses the truths and principles gathered from the exegesis of the scripture passage. Following the devotional body is a quote or maxim from the writings of historical Christian leaders that illuminates the insights of the devotional. Next, an example is given in the form of a case study that offers insight into the application of principles drawn from the devotional followed by a practical exercise that helps the leader to apply the principles to their specific context. Finally, a suggested reading list is provided that will help the leader to go deeper and encourage further exploration of the concepts discussed in the devotional.


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