Imagery of Regent people and campus

Doctoral Project Abstract


David Allen Skipper

Violence at colleges and universities in the U.S. has gained tremendous status in recent years due to zealous media coverage of a few prominent cases. The government has responded to this attention and pressure from groups that are more often than not lead by or associated with parents and families of victims by mandating annual reporting of college crime and disclosure of crime and violence statistics. The attention and new mandates have caused school administrators to revisit their institution's safety and security plans and protocols. The results of these actions have been a boon to college security buffs and professionals in the field by showcasing security issues and in some cases addressing major needs. However, much still needs to be done for while violence and crime at colleges and universities is no more prevalent than the rest of the community, the factors that drive it are not very clear and the impacts are devastatingly focused on the young people who represent our future. This book is a guide through the maze of campus security issues designed for both professional and non-professional readers alike to provide insight into the history of violence and crime on U.S. campuses and to answer questions about campus security in a manner that gives peace of mind, establishes a platform for effective leadership in the field, and addresses comprehensive threats within a global context. Activities, charts, and diagrams are included with discussion and suggestions to provide campus security leaders with tools for becoming more effective. Tips and ideas are offered to those attending, working, or visiting campuses for maintain personal safety.

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