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Doctoral Project Abstract

The Mind of Christ in Strategy: How we should lead our organizations

Leo Salgado
Regent University

When examined critically, the most common methods of strategic planning overstate their claim. Although they feel like common sense, and they do sometimes create change, they can never create a Christian future.

What is the reason, and what methods can create a Christian future? That is the topic of this book. The book argues for a Christian school of strategy. First, it notes that since there are 11 other schools of strategy categorized by their proponent's ideology (which define strategy differently), there is room for at least one Christian school of strategy. After all, Christ's ideas (or mind) define Christianity. These ideas differ significantly from all other ideologies.

To develop this Christian strategy school, the book first selects one highly acclaimed school of strategy and deconstructs it to find out what types of beliefs go into its development. Looking at these beliefs, the book defines strategy generally as a type of action that organizations or managers pursue to achieve a specific purpose, from a unique perspective of how the world works, in a world of scarcity.

In the second section, the book uses this definition and the writings of the prominent Christian philosopher Herman Dooyeweerd to define a Christian strategy. Based on Christian thinking, strategy is the opening up and forming of progress for the glory of God. Christians do this by first opening up the meaning of their organization using their imagination and will. Second, Christians do this through shalom. Shalom is achieved by paying attention to God's laws, ordinances and judgments in all aspects of our everyday life. As Christians, when we strategize this way, we can lead our organizations to full meaning by ultimately acknowledging, in the community of the Holy Spirit, God's creation and the redeeming work of Christ.

In the last section, the book offers a practical step-by-step method that enables us to form strategies founded on a Christian mindset, directed by the Mind of Christ. Isn't this a sure and better way to have a competitive advantage?


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