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Doctoral Project Abstract

So you want to be a Strategic Leader?
Here are the Essentials to get you Started

Larry F. Ross
Regent University

This book asks a central question: So you want to be a strategic leader? It goes on to promote the essentials for those who aspire to become one. It asserts that the future of an organization of the 21st Century will be one that emerges from complex interactions of technology, processes, structure, strategy and workforce challenges which are all interwoven to create this future operating environment of an organization, driven by the understanding that the heart of an organization is its leadership and employees. The strategic leader will learn how God's involvement, strategic leadership behaviors, and learning processes can influence and guide strategic processes. All of this is critical if an organization expects to remain competitive in the future. Specifically, this book covers these key essentials:

  1. Strategic leadership and how strategic leaders are to accomplish change within their organization using certain skills;
  2. The importance of having God's involvement from the start, by letting Him be the strategic leader's CEO;
  3. The future environment and the strategic leader's responsibility to not only understand it, but use it to see the world like never before in order to facilitate the organization maintaining the competitive advantage;
  4. Using the power of technology to transform the future work environment;
  5. The processes of an organization, centering on strategic analysis and the various tools used to bring about change in the most efficient and effective manner;
  6. The structure of an organization, recommending the strategic leader take a fresh new look at the matrix organization with the use of cross-functional teams and a new matrix management system;
  7. The strategy of an organization and how the strategic leader must align the organization or face the prospects of failing;
  8. The workforce of an organization and its attributes, diversity, culture, workforce succession planning & management, and the importance of leadership development for the future leader who may aspire to become leaders within the organization; and
  9. Finally, the heart of an organization with a challenge that strategic leaders must be authentic in everything they do.

These are the essentials to get you started!

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