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Doctoral Project Abstract

Tactical Leadership:
A Common Spiritual Framework Underlying Secular Leadership Theory

Daniel P. Rogers
Regent University

Leadership as an academic field is relatively young, but the themes that it builds upon are ageless. In Luke 17:21 Jesus says, "The kingdom of God is within you." This work explores this passage and turns to the kingdom of heaven parables to better understand this message. When the basic themes of these parables are laid end-to-end, a story emerges. When the basic themes of these parables are laid end-to-end, a story emerges. That story is one of leadership. This book builds out these themes and engages several important considerations in the study of leadership.

First, it helps lines to differentiate strategic leadership from tactical leadership to help clarify this often blurry distinction. The needs of organizational leaders differ from those of front-line supervisors. It focuses on supervisory considerations to address the heart of man.
Second, it helps develop leadership beyond contingency by addressing the similarities between people. This work provides a model that connects experience, values, hope, and spirit to help illustrate how these components relate.
Third, while the spiritual dimension is gaining acknowledgement within leadership, it continues to be underdeveloped and focused more on the specific than the general. Instead, this book provides theory that can work across multiple groups to address and engage our globalizing economy, as opposed to theory that simply works in isolated communities or demographics.

Overall, this book helps to remove the term leadership from a position and provides personal examples to help bring the principles to life. It provides a model to help understand man's heart using values as the building block. It discusses risk, and explores themes from Jesus' Kingdom of Heaven parables to understand the connection between leaders and followers. It considers justice, accountability, mercy, humility, and succession. In general, it stays away from advice and instead offers direction for further study in each of these areas. Finally, it considers the compounding effect of multiple followers and the resulting requirement of peacemaking.


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