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Doctoral Project Abstract

Sounding The Alarm:
Shifting Corporate Mindsets on the Glass Ceiling

Myra Lisa Robinson
Regent University

It's time for today's leaders to wake up! Sounding the Alarm analyzes the current problems in today's organizations regarding the "glass ceiling" and explains why a new paradigm is vital to their future success. The former mindsets, biases and social pressures that control the current system in hiring, promoting and retaining skilled and talented leaders must be transformed in order to maintain a competitive advantage in the workforce. Are organizational leaders short changing our nation by not making full use of all human capital?  Today's leaders must be held accountable for taking a greater stance in training, developing and promoting women and minorities.

Sounding the Alarm provides a practical coaching model that addresses the root causes of the current mindset of many leaders: Cultural diversity and gender differences. The book highlights the bottom line values of an acceptance of a culture of collaboration and the necessity of denouncing the practices that blatantly ignore the laws that are in place to dissolve the glass ceiling. Is it time for today's leaders to demand that our policy makers right the wrongs of the past by passing laws that open doors to advance women and minorities to senior level positions when they are qualified? Leaders must think twice about the trends before making decisions that may destroy the profitability and damage the reputation of their organizations.

This book focuses on the continual rise of globalization, technological advances and a new generation of leaders that are entering the workforce. It emphasizes the impact that the new generation, Generation Y, will have on the emerging workforce. This generation is one of the most technologically advanced, diverse and team-oriented. They stand for an innovative spirit that breaks the barriers of inequality and stand against traditional values of the status quo.       

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