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Doctoral Project Abstract

Moses is Dead! Now What:
Planning for Leadership Continuity in Ministry

Kathleen Roberson

The disposition of church leaders must be that succession planning is an absolute priority. An effective succession planning and leadership strategy must be comprehensive and strategic, providing for the development of strong, moral leaders who are capable of leading the church both now and into the future. This kind of leadership development will require positive interaction between leaders and followers as exemplified in scripture. Senior pastor involvement is a key factor in creating an environment for the development, implementation and practice of succession planning in ministry. Without it, succession planning efforts will fail. The church cannot afford to let this happen. The mandate of the local church to be salt and light in world is too important.

After perusing the available literature on church succession planning, I was disappointed to find that much of what has been written is very limited and too narrowly focused to thoroughly address the succession planning needs of the local church. Most of the articles and books that I referenced on the subject dealt primarily with senior pastor succession. While this is an extremely important topic, it simply does not go far enough in providing the kind of organizational leadership principles that churches need to develop and implement an effective succession plan in ministry. Therefore, it was my endeavor to fill in the missing gaps and provide a more comprehensive approach specifically tailored to the unique needs of the local church. Through the application of sound organizational and leadership principles founded upon scripture, Moses is Dead! Now What? provides a powerful tool that pastors and leaders can use and find benefit from immediately when seeking to develop or strengthen succession planning initiatives in their churches. God has always had a succession planning and leadership strategy in place when it came to ensuring that His plan and purposes for his people would be continued throughout each successive generation. Moses is Dead! Now What?-- answers its own question by providing needed guidance on how to address the succession planning needs of the contemporary local church.

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