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Doctoral Project Abstract

Healthcare Leadership for Value Innovation:

Blueprinting the Future toward Global Advantage

Virginia Richardson
Regent University

The future success of the U.S. healthcare industry rests on its ability to sustain a competitive advantage by demonstrating increased value through excellence in clinical outcomes at reduced costs. Market forces from within the U.S. resulting from the current economic crisis compounded by uncertain legislative reform, as well as increasing global competition, bring American healthcare systems face to face with challenges that threaten to destabilize the entire industry. For the past thirty years, most efforts to reform the healthcare industry have produced fragmented outcomes by independently addressing issues such as cost, quality, safety, and access. Consequently, despite tremendous medical advancement, there exists no clear understanding of which treatment, policy, or mix of approaches actually works to improve health in the U.S.

The need to design innovative provider treatment models that increase value with reduced costs presents both challenges and opportunities for practitioners willing to explore forward-thinking delivery systems of care. At the forefront is patient-centered care that is evidence-based, patient empowering, and elevates ethics with compassion to work simultaneously with science by integrating the patient's physical, mental, and spiritual needs within a technological context. As patients take on more responsibility in directing their healthcare— price, quality, and evidence-based outcomes will drive decision-making— bringing transparency, health information systems, and provider competition to the forefront.

This book presents a blueprint to fulfill the future vision of healthcare by applying the principles of value innovation to offer health systems strategically designed organizational and leadership models to achieve operational excellence with sustained competitive advantage. Incorporating advanced healthcare industry foresight and trending analysis with research and proven organizational application, this book introduces the six dimensions of healthcare value innovation, and the six dimensions of value innovation leadership.
Readers will discover:

  • Who defines the dimensions of health capital
  • What critical trends will change the future of health and healthcare
  • When failures exist within traditional strategic planning
  • Where the future health system catchment area will geographically shift
  • Why most "value-based" initiatives fall short of delivering patient value
  • How innovation will change the landscape of healthcare
  • Which leadership competencies are necessary to achieve global success

Value innovation represents an unparalleled distinction on the organization's growth in both revenue and profits. This book allows health systems to determine the range of benefits that patients will value in tomorrow's healthcare products and services, as well as how health providers through innovation, can preempt competitors in delivering those benefits to the global healthcare marketplace.


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