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Doctoral Project Abstract

Leadership Styles, Behaviors, Traits, and Characteristics Related to Female and Male Leaders

Agnes Richardson
Regent University

The following research investigated gender and the leadership role and determined if there are differences in leadership styles, behaviors, traits, and characteristics between female leaders and male leaders. The following questions guided the research: Does the institutional environment change with female leadership? Are financial solvency and institutional stability perceived differently with female leadership? Are institutional stress levels affected? Do communication styles and patterns change? Are leadership styles, behaviors, traits, and characteristics perceived, ascribed, or expected solely on gender? Literature suggests there are specific gender leadership differences between males and females in leadership styles, behaviors, traits, and characteristics. This qualitative study assessed 2 male and 4 female faculty members with face-to-face interviews. Results indicated distinctions between male and female leaders in leadership differences. The distinctions did not, however, support the notion that female leaders are less competent than male leaders.

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