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Doctoral Project Abstract

Get Over Yourself - Leaders Aren't All That!

Gary Rhodes

There are endless amounts of leadership studies directly related to effective leadership and favorable outcomes. It is there, a paradigm shift is needed in current thinking on leadership. This is a leadership book, but that's the current model to work with. The goal, therefore, is to get leaders to adjust their approach and think beyond self. Everyone recognizes the importance of positional leadership and because of it; many falsely assume outcomes are a direct result of the effectiveness or ineffectiveness of the leader; regardless of the non-leaders within the organization. Without questioning the authoritative responsibility of leaders, this book will challenge the status quo mindset that leaders are the catalysts, cornerstone and glue to success.

Leaders must fully recognize it's not about them. Whether a leader by appointment or circumstance, they should never believe their role is the most important. You really are just a leader! As a leader, your importance and success is directly linked to the emphasis you put on relationships, not self. You will not be the leader God intended if you are focusing on yourself. Through meaningful relationships, you will discover the wonderful contribution of others has a far greater impact!

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