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Doctoral Project Abstract

Church Leaders Understanding Their Past, Present, and Future

Darrin A. Reinke

The current social, economic and political conditions are taking their toll on church organizations today. Few possess the tools required to focus on these issues. Often they are placed in a reactionary mode, rather than proactive, when addressing forces that are pressing down from all sides. If the church is to weather the storms of this age, church leaders must be willing to face each driving force and prepare a strategic plan to guide their congregations through these unique challenges.

Church Leaders Understanding Their Past, Present, and Future is a 1-day (8-hour) seminar that brings church leaders together to study their past and present conditions and their dependence on traditional processes in a changing world, while seeking Gods guidance to plan for their future. Part I: Uses the past and present activities and information to evaluate their effectiveness and reliance; Part II: Focuses on understanding the role of leadership with the future in mind; Part III: Challenges the leaders to develop a decision focus for the future; Part IV: Introduces the art of environmental scanning; Part V: Teaches brainstorming techniques to better understand the impact of their decision focus; Part VI: Introduces tools, like scenario planning, to help develop a basic strategic plan for future growth.

The concepts introduced in this seminar, and the approach that was developed, was influenced by the reactions of traditional organizations toward trends, in an attempt to better equip church leadership teams to create strategic plans that take advantage of the opportunities and threats presented to them on a continual basis.

Church Leaders Understanding Their Past, Present, and Future seminar is offered to church leaders who are having difficulty developing strategic, forward thinking plans for their church. The skills offered in this seminar can help leaders prepare for an ever-changing world.

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