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Doctoral Project Abstract

Vision Quest Youth Leadership Development Seminar

Joni E. Reid
Regent University

It is often said that today's teens are tomorrow's leaders; however, what if we interacted with teens from the belief that they are actually today's leaders? What would our educational systems look like? What would our families look like? What would our communities look like? Imagine the possibilities of a society that values teenagers and operates from a paradigm that sees them as having a limitless capacity to significantly contribute to the many issues plaguing us today. The imagined possibilities are the basis of the 5-day leadership development seminar that I designed and conducted to meet the doctoral project requirements of my Doctor of Strategic Leadership degree. The Vision Quest Youth Leadership Development Seminar was produced to assist teens in recognizing and honing their existing leadership abilities and to teach additional critical leadership skills. The seminar used knowledge-based and activity-based learning (also known as experiential learning) to teach leadership skills and to build on the theoretical and conceptual learning.

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