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Doctoral Project Abstract

Merciful Leadership
Examining the Characteristics of a Merciful Leader

Jeffery A. Radford
Regent University

The traditional picture of  leadership looks a lot like the crusty bosses from the endless sitcoms people have grown up watching on TV; stodgy old men passing down judgment from on high about how their employees were to look, behave and perform.  And for many years, this stereotype had rung true. These judgmental leaders practice an autocratic style of leadership and are dictators instead of leaders that develop others. However, this manuscript introduces a new leadership paradigm that is dynamic and will have a positive impact on both leaders and their organizations- Merciful Leadership.

The content in this book progresses through the characteristics of a merciful leader focusing on both real-life examples and also biblical examples of these characteristics. These examples provide insight of the importance of this leadership approach in a world that is seeking a leader that is willing to remove 'self-interests' and value those that he/she leads and serves. The Characteristics of a Merciful leader include: (a) forgiveness; (b) love; (c) compassion; (d) understanding; (e) humility; (f) service; (g) courage; and (i) commitment.

While reading this book, Leaders are challenged to evaluate their own leadership approach and determine its impact on their followers and employees. As leaders implement this new paradigm, they will experience positive changes within their organizations and find a renewal in their own purpose.



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