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Doctoral Project Abstract

'Mind'-ing your Organization: Reinventing Socio-Technical Systems for Creativity and Innovation.

Allen H. Quist
Regent University

Unrelenting, unpredictable, chaotic global changes now require organizational leaders to reinvent their socio-technical systems to more rapidly respond to change, to collaborate continuously and ubiquitously, and to be strategic in sustainable creativity and innovation. This radical change requires a new approach to organizational systems; it requires a model from which to pattern how the leaders initiate and sustain the required characteristics to survive and thrive. Since leadership is essentially a cognitive process, 'Mind'-ing Your Organization provides that collaborative and adaptive model through the metaphor of the human brain.

'Mind'-ing Your Organization leads the reader through the creative and innovative work of the brain, using a greatly simplified overview of the brain's neurological effort: sensory input, reflection on new information, abstract cognition, and innovation through action. These four neurological elements provide a template for leaders to pattern the reinvention of their socio-technical systems to meet the challenges of the future.

'Mind'-ing Your Organization does not provide a step-by-step concrete program to follow. Rather, the book argues leaders need to be adaptable, collaborative, cognitively diverse, and strategic in their approach. The book exhorts leaders to provide the necessary physical environment, technical systems, and social systems to maximize creativity and innovation.

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