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Doctoral Project Abstract

Out on Mount Sinai: How Bishop Ida Bell Robinson Loosed the Women.
An Examination of her Leadership Style

Rosalie Owens
Regent University

This work outlines the life of Bishop Ida Bell Robinson in a book format. The Bishop was the founder of Mount Sinai Holy Church of America, Inc. She is the only African-American woman to found a denomination that held consistent female leadership from its founding in 1924 until February of 2001. This work leads the reader systematically through her life and ministry. From Bishop Robinson's youthful conversion, through evangelizing on the streets of Philadelphia, and struggling to gain acceptance as a minister in male-dominated churches, to her days as the founder and Presiding Bishop of a fast-growing denomination. Using the historical case-study method, this book seeks to do more than recount the life and ministry of Bishop Robinson. It ultimately seeks to arrive at an understanding of her leadership forms and style. This work uses a significant number of extraordinary primary texts (many of which have never before been available to scholarly researchers). It also uses several interviews of those who knew her and came up under her ministry (many of whom have never before been interviewed concerning Bishop Robinson). Building upon these new sources, this book is able to view this successful religious pioneer through a lens that, more than any other work ever written on Bishop Robinson, focuses on her leadership methods and style. The concepts, theories, and practices of Leadership Studies constitute the basis for the analysis of how those forms and style facilitated her in the founding and promotion of her enduring legacy, the Mount Sinai Holy Church of America, Inc. Building upon this analysis the author ultimately identifies and describes a style of leadership not previously identified, the Authoritarian Servant Leader.

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