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Doctoral Project Abstract

Leading Corporate Innovation

Gary W. Oster
Regent University

Innovation is the lifeblood of every modern corporation, and a critical antecedent to viability and profitability. Unlike historical media portrayals of innovation as serendipitous discovery based upon chance, the project posits that successful corporate innovation is accomplished through the intentional development of a disciplined organization-wide innovation system, which may be planned, learned, measured, and evaluated. The project has an expansive view of what can and should be innovated, the role of every employee in the innovation process, the importance of an ambidextrous organization to effectively balance value capture and innovation, and the need for customer intimacy, abductive reasoning, and focused metrics to effect successful innovation. Enduring core values found in all innovative organizations are considered, as are the necessary employee diversity and the resulting creative friction required for the progress of the innovation process. Developed as an element of the new Regent University School of Global Leadership Masters of Business Administration cornerstone course entitled The Future of Commerce, the project consists of four major essays: "The Urgency of Innovation," "Embedding a Culture of Innovation," "Leading Corporate Innovation," and, "Innovation in Action," all illustrative of a methodology for leading effective corporate innovation.

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