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Doctoral Project Abstract

Leadership of the 21 st Century:
A Two Day Seminar to Explore Methods, Tools, and Research of Future Leadership.

Wayne A. Oppel
Regent University

This two-day seminar project introduced local church leaders to the future of leadership into the 21 st Century. Leadership is and will continue to be the most critical competency for the future leader. The complexities of, both local and global, churches will challenge leadership abilities to create preferable futures for their organizations. The seminar focused on four main topics: The Future of Leadership. Moving into the 21 st Century and Beyond; Strategic Foresight - An Overview and Use of Foresight Tools to Facilitate Strategic Planning and Change; Growing and Nurturing Creativity and Innovation in the Organization; and Renewal of the Self.

The seminar, as an interactive program, was designed around the following questions to allow the participants to think, review and answer the questions that will be faced by them and their organizations in the future. The questions were: What can we expect from tomorrow's leaders? Will they change the way business is conducted? Will they put emphasis on different functions of the organization or will they lead the organization in new directions? Will Strategic Foresight be used to envision different potential future scenarios, in order to help organizations understand the long-term consequences of actions and decisions, and make decisions that will assist them in moving towards their desired futures? How can creativity and innovations be used for survival and growth, and for sharpening the organizations competitive edge? How can this creativity be harnessed? How can the leader practice self renewal, rest and relaxation to renew the mind, body and spirit?

The seminar participants, church leaders, via workshops, presentations and interactive exercises, explored theories, concepts, strategies, innovative methods and tools for creating change and exploring preferable futures, while learning to step back and renew their mind, body and spirit.

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