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Doctoral Project Abstract

The Coaching L.A.B.: Learn, Align, & Build Coaching Into Your Organization

Tracy Durrstein O'Neill
Regent University

The utilization of coaching has become an effective way for organizations to develop a more capable workforce. Organizations bring in coaching consultants or use their own internal coaches to help their employees in transitions, development, performance, and organizational training efforts. Coaches form relationships that help individuals focus on a clear direction, performance accountability, and personal growth. Holding a conversation within a productive, results-oriented context, coaching aligns an employee's personal goals with the organization's strategy and his/her job requirements. The job of a coach is not to change people, but to support self development. People transform themselves and choose to make change happen.
Coaching programs can improve retention, skills, and job satisfaction.

Anyone can introduce coaching into an organization. It does not matter what position they are in. In many cases these people will be leaders, managers, supervisors, HR personnel, trainers, consultants, or coaches; but if a person with no formal authority over others is interested in organizational coaching, they also can make an impact. In an October 2007 interview with Training magazine, Stephen R. Covey explained that this is accomplished by "working inside one's circle of influence until it becomes larger and then gets attention from other people, particularly champions of change…The key is example, the building of relationships of trust with those immediately around you, and the cultivation of a team or partnership."

The Coaching L.A.B. is both academic and practical. It simply explains how organizations are configured and where coaching fits in. In Part 1, you will LEARN coaching. You will gain an understanding of what coaching is, what research has been done in the field of coaching, how to practice coaching, and how to use assessments and tools with coaching. In Part 2, you will learn how to ALIGN coaching to the vision, strategy, and structure of your organization. Finally, in Part 3, you will learn how to BUILD servant leaders and coaching cultures. At the end of each chapter is an In Action section that includes stories, examples, questions, assessments, or resources.

Read this book if you want to:

  • Effectively develop people, including yourself
  • Start a coaching program in an organization
  • Understand how coaching fits organizationally
  • Learn the coaching framework and its models
  • Find additional coaching related material
  • Cultivate a coaching leadership style

The Coaching L.A.B. will help you:

  • Build a structured organizational coaching program
  • Motivate staff by linking personal ambitions with the vision and strategy of the organization
  • Develop better relationships
  • Become a more effective leader
  • Deal with employee performance issues and challenges
  • Increase skills in employees
  • Reinforce training




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