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Doctoral Project Abstract

The Leadership Matrix: A Guidebook for Young Emerging Leaders

Jayce O'Neal
Regent University

If current trends continue, within 20 years half of today's churches will close and only 4% of our young people will attend church. The answer is not to live in fear but empower, equip, and challenge the young emerging leaders of today. Most of the people getting saved today are young people, but many churches spend most of their time ministering to adults. We must invest in the young culture and do so in an authentic and relevant way.

This book seeks to empower young emerging leaders by imparting vital leadership principles in a relevant way. The Leadership Matrix approaches leadership principles from a biblical perspective, explore real life examples, and conveys a deeper understanding through research and reasoning in an interesting and practical fashion.

The audience will focus on young leaders in their 20-something's. This current generation is the largest that the earth has ever seen. This book is geared for young people in leadership or who desire to be in leadership.

There are several books on spiritual issues for young people and even more books on leadership that are geared for adults. This book is on leadership for young people. It combines biblical wisdom on practical leadership situations. It also informs young people on research that often times only adults have access to. This book empowers and equips the emerging leader to look at how they can authentically and practically grow as leaders.

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