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Doctoral Project Abstract

Leveraging Creativity and Innovation for Enhanced Employee Performance in a Depressed Economic Climate

Felix O. Oisamoje

Organizations are faced with the challenge of competing for scarce resources, while remaining competitive. The continuing "fight" to secure a greater market share and stay ahead of the competition is further compounded by the rapid, and sometimes disruptive change, which takes place in the external organizational environment. The pressure created by globalization and technological advancement has been made worse by the recent depression in the global economy. This global economic downturn has led to the demise of many organizations, while forcing the surviving organizations to take stringent measures in order to stay afloat. Some of the measures adopted by many organizations include, but are not limited to, mergers and acquisitions, downsizing, as well as rationalization of their workforces. However, these measures have put additional pressure on organizations.

One of the vehicles for achieving competitive advantage and ensuring the ultimate survival of organizations is creativity and innovation. Unfortunately, though many organizational leaders recognize the potential of creativity and innovation to help their organizations stay afloat, not many have taken advantage of this vehicle. This project is a two-day seminar/workshop that addresses the critical need for contemporary organizations. It provides participants with an insight into challenges faced by organizations as a result of the discontinuities prevalent in the external organizational environment. It also teaches practical creativity and innovation tools that participants can engage, not only in the problem solving process, but also to enhance both individual and organizational performance.

The seminar/workshop was originally for the benefit of leaders and managers. However, its contents are equally relevant and applicable to individuals, and organizations looking to improve their performance. Leveraging Creativity and Innovation for Enhanced Employee Performance in a Depressed Economic Climate challenges participants to (1) promote, champion, and adopt creativity and innovation in the workplace, (2) maximize their leadership capacity for strategic advantage, (3) increase organizational efficiency and effectiveness, (4) develop their capacity for integrative innovation, enhancing their ability to succeed in an increasingly competitive marketplace.

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