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Doctoral Project Abstract

Seminar: Overcoming Personal and Organizational Leadership Poverty: A New Strategic Leadership Paradigm for Thriving Amidst Dynamic Global Changes

Mason J. O. Oghenejobo

The collapse of companies like Enron, Barings Bank, Lehman Brothers and WorldCom has highlighted the need for moral/ethical leadership and followership in contemporary organizations. The removal of Lord Brown as the CEO of British Petroleum owing to his inappropriate character (homosexuality and misuse of corporate funds) and the fall of several CEOs in recent times further buttress this need. Nations and even churches are also experiencing a dearth of authentic leadership. Based on a biblical review of leaders and followers who succeeded or failed in their personal and organizational responsibilities, the concept of personal leadership poverty has been developed to provide a basis for leadership assessment and development. It is argued that leaders/followers who fail are poor or deficient in seven key characteristics that successful biblical leaders/followers exhibited. The identified deficiencies are lack of: the true God, physical and emotional health, good character and integrity, requisite competence, good human relationships, physical and spiritual security and financial stewardship. Developing leaders to overcome these poverty states will enable them build enduring transformative organizations.

Building transformative organizations entails putting together, embedding, aligning and inter-relating the key elements of an organization, namely its purpose, values, vision/mission, objectives, strategy/tactics, operating principles, technology, systems/processes, structure, resources, people, culture, reward system and performance measures, in order to solve global/societal problems and continuously thrive in a dynamically changing world.

This one-day executive course/seminar is designed and delivered to transform participants and enable them develop the moral character and capability to successfully lead self, teams and organizations. Participants are taught the requisite models, concepts, constructs, theories and practices that will enable them build trustworthy relationships, lead with positive impact and drive organizational renewal. The course provides an insight into leadership theories, models, constructs and practices that are required for ethical character formation and impactful leadership. The concept of personal leadership poverty that enables participants to overcome the practices of failed leaders is elaborated. The development of leaders as stewards in contrast to being agents is emphasized. Emotional intelligence and socio-cultural concepts for understanding, harnessing and managing conflicts are discussed. Coaching, mentoring and discipling are elaborated. Practical examples and Bible cases are used to elucidate requisite concepts and provide solutions to leadership challenges.

A Christian Executive Leadership and Business School – "Better Than Gold Institute" ( was created, registered and used as the platform for delivering the executive course. The mission of the school is to make biblical principles the bedrock of executive thought and action all over the world, thus enabling leaders to create, re-create, build and lead righteous organizations that sustainably bear fruits that are "better than gold" and glorify God.

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