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Doctoral Project Abstract

Designing for the Future Through Cultural Change

Linda Murphy

Understanding the organization's current design, culture, and mission contrasted with the organizational members' desired culture is imperative when seeking to create a change within the organization's culture. Clearly the glue that binds an organization is the shared values. When the values held by the organization and those of its members differ, a shift in the organization's culture can be seen and the lack of trust amongst the members increases. Evidence of the difference in cultural values (current culture versus the preferred culture) is seen as the development of apathy and an increase in communication breaks. The Strategic Plan ("Plan") outlines the organization's current and future state, and the challenges foreseen hindering its ability to move forward. The Plan reinforces the values and reiterates the values in support of its plan of action for success into the future. The future is clearly outlined in the vision (infused with the cultural values) foreseeing the success of the organization in the upcoming twenty years.

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