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Doctoral Project Abstract

Finding the Greatness Within: A Holistic Approach to Becoming a Life Leader

Jonathan P. Mayhorn
Regent University

Most people can name someone who gives leaders a bad name. This person could be a CEO, pastor, politician, or principal. These individuals that society has classified as leaders are not perfect, and as a result, often do things to let their followers down. Each time a leader gets caught in a scandal or the pursuit of their own greed it is their followers who suffer most. Since the world has numerous leaders who are failing to live up to ethical standards and others who are simply passive and unprepared to lead, we are faced with a leadership deficit that needs to be filled. This deficit does not only apply to those with authority, but can include every man or woman who has the chance to influence those around them on a daily basis.    

By reading this book one will find that leadership is not just reserved for a select few individuals at the top of a business, church, political party, or school. Rather it is something that is obtainable by everyone who works hard for it. Whenever you are guiding another person or directing their action, thoughts, and opinions you are really leading them. Those who are being guided are considered to be followers at that particular moment. In order to guide followers consistently over time, an individual must learn to develop the skills necessary to become a special type of leader, a life leader.  

A life leader is someone who leads in every aspect of their own life so effectively that others they come into contact with are motivated to action and inspired to follow. The key to becoming a life leader is to work on every aspect of one's own life first using the holistic approach. In terms of a person the important parts that are dependent upon each other to make up the holistic approach are the following: the spiritual, emotional, mental, physical and social aspects. This book will teach people how to develop these five aspects as well as find their passion in order to become a life leader that others want to follow.

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