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Doctoral Project Abstract

Leadership Training Program for Church Planters in the Mexican National Presbyterian Church

Boris Osmán Martínez Vásquez
Regent University

The Mexican National Presbyterian Church (MNPC) faces growth challenges. Mexican Christian denominations that have faster growth rates than the MNPC in Mexico present leadership practices that are different from the MNPC's. These include a greater emphasis on inspiring a shared vision, enabling others to act and encouraging the heart; their implementation requires also that leaders learn to challenge some MNPC's to accommodate the church's mode of operation to modern and local needs. Those four leadership practices are found in Exemplary Leadership, a form of Transformational Leadership. The project involved preparing an Exemplary Leadership Training Course for church planters in the MNPC.

Preparing the course required a combination of theoretical and theological arguments. The MNPC presents a firm advocacy for the principle of sola scriptura , according to which the Bible is the only infallible source of doctrinal, faith and conduct matters. This principle required leadership training to be based on theological arguments that the MNPC can acknowledge as Bible-based; business examples and presentations of academic research had to be kept to a practicable minimum that was compatible with this sola scriptura design goal.

The project includes the course's delivery using a) participant materials, b)  speaker notes, c) PowerPoint presentations, and d) a video version of the course. This enables the preparation of course trainers who can present the material in different contexts. In areas lacking good speakers, the churches can use the video version of the presentations, and provide participant materials.

The videos and materials are being made available free of royalties to those churches interested in using them.

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