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Doctoral Project Abstract

Discovering the Velocity of Your Future: A young person's guide
to calling, vocation, and other leadership opportunities

Todd D. Marion

As a young person you are in a unique position to evaluate where you are in the journey of life and begin to make some decisions on where you go from here. Undoubtedly, God has equipped you with skills, abilities and gifts to prepare you for His calling on your life. There is much more to the journey of life than a vocation. God desires that you serve Him in all areas of your life and has prepared you to do just that. It is critical to identify your gifts, skills and abilities so you can seek further education and training as preparation for what God has in store for you. Alongside this knowledge, there are some foundational principles that are important to build into your life to make the journey a little smoother. On some level, we are all leaders in at least one area of our life. This leadership requires foundational principles to be in place if we want to lead well. The foundation must be based on your faith in Christ, an understanding of Godly stewardship, healthy relationships, and a willingness to pursue innovation. This foundation sets us up to live under Godly principles of leadership which include an understanding of authority and its function, the role of the heart, hearing God's direction and handling the leadership positions and influence that I earn. King David is an example of a young person called to lead at an early age. He was equipped by God with the skills, abilities, gifts and knowledge to carry out His calling. God has also equipped you for the journey He has laid before you.

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