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Doctoral Project Abstract

Metaydac Consulting, LCC: Designing training products and services to meet the needs of today's nonprofit leader

Christine A. Mallory
Regent University

The shifting landscape of this nation and every country across the globe impacts for-profit, public and nonprofit sectors. The rapid pace of change brings about increased uncertainty in which leaders must make decisions for their organizations. Metaydac Consulting, LLC is a newly established, client-focused small business committed to helping nonprofit organizations develop the skills, strategies, processes and structures for success in an increasingly complex, global environment. This project consists of the research and design efforts undertaken in creating three half-day seminars to assist nonprofit leaders with developing strategic approaches to address those issues most challenging to their organizations.

Section I of this project report consists of the research approach undertaken to determine nonprofit leaders' most pressing training needs, challenges experienced during the research process, and the research findings and conclusions. Metaydac Consulting's  strategy for identifying the most significant challenges for nonprofit leaders consisted of a combination of personal interviews with nonprofit leaders, literature search and review of current nonprofit sector studies. Section II is the marketing plan that Metaydac Consulting's President and CEO considered in adopting a variety of tools and venues for marketing the company's products and services to include:

o Designing and launching the company website

o Direct mail and email campaigns

o Use of social networking websites

o Developing organizational literature

o Developing strategic alliances and partnerships

o Developing the seminar cost and pricing model

Samples of the company's marketing materials can be found in Appendix A and the current state of the company website is viewable at Section III contains the generic seminar schedule format and descriptions for the three seminars developed in PowerPoint. The actual seminar presentations are included as separate files external to the project report. Appendix B contains a sample seminar assessment form used to gather participant feedback and identify areas for improvement.


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