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Doctoral Project Abstract

Accessing Strategic Foresight: The Future of the Workforce

Corinne A. Macon

The purpose of this work is to create tension within the heart of those called to the five-fold ministry, especially pastors in regard to their purpose and effectiveness in ministry. There are specific practices of pastors and leaders that undermine the work of the church and the message of the Gospel. This is hurting the body of Christ and negatively impacting ministry efforts and the development of Christians. Identifying these practices and being honest with oneself is the first step to correcting the problem. In addition, clarifying values and motives to ensure they align with biblical standards can help leaders design and re-design all aspects of ministry to bring Glory to God.

Challenging the status quo in the lives of pastors through reflective questions and interactive activities from this work facilitate an opportunity for introspective inquiry about the influence they have over people they work with and serve. The desired action is to bring about transformation to enhance pastoral leadership practices to fully align with proven methods of successful biblically based leadership.The areas of Purpose, Character & Ethics, Stewarding People Leaders & Money, and Strategic Practices are explored and practical research based guidelines are given for pastors to reshape their approach to ministry.

The issues discussed in this work are real issues and problems that are evident within the church based on my experiences and information gathered from people and other church leaders. Red Flags in ministry are identified and several self-assessments and tools given to help leaders take practical steps toward change. The method of strategy as a learning process is taught and explored as a way to incorporate evaluation into goal setting and acquisition. Guidelines for successful pastoral leadership are given to be integrated into the regular functioning of the church. It will help pastors stay on track by supporting and nurturing the people of the church based on the fundamentals of Ephesians 4:7-16. The ultimate outcome is to help pastors formulate ministry that truly builds people who help build God's Kingdom here on earth without sabotaging the message of Jesus Christ through inadequate leadership.

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